Freelance Assistance

How we support freelance journalists worldwide:

Assistance Grants

Assistance Grants

RPT provides assistance grants to freelance journalists and their families who find themselves in a critical situation. Do you need help?

Training Fund

Training Fund

RPT's training bursaries make essential safety training affordable for freelancers. Are you eligible?



RPT works with local and international partners to provide workshops, projects and special initiatives tailored to freelancers' specific needs.

Freelance Resources

Practical guides, tips and tools for freelance journalists

Current Highlights

Safety & Security

What is Safety Training and Why Should I Take It?

RPT encourages all freelance newsgatherers to undertake safety training. There are three main ways in which safety training can help you.

Digital Security

You and the Internet

The Internet collects and stores a lot of information that you and others post online.


Insurance Providers for Freelancers

We cannot recommend specific companies, but the following brokers specialise in conflict, high risk insurance and/or are known to be sympathetic to the needs of freelancers:

Digital Security

Social Media: Best Practice

Social media has become increasingly common for journalists as a means of promoting their work, contacting sources and connecting with colleagues.

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The Trust is totally independent and relies on funding from corporations, trusts, foundations and individuals to carry out its work.

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