Finalist, Rory Peck Award for Features

Najibullah Quraishi (Afghan-British)

October-November 2009, Afghanistan

Behind Enemy Lines

Clover Films for Channel 4 - Dispatches

Najibullah Quraishi's film documents the two weeks he spent with Hezb-i-Islami, Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters in the troubled Kunduz and Baghlan provinces in Afghanistan. Witnessing dramatic attacks on NATO supply routes, Najibullah also captures the day-to-day lives of the insurgents - complaints of boredom, the cold, and arguments with their commanders. Eventually however, a commander becomes suspicious of Najibullah's motives and asks him if he would take up arms against the Kufaar (non-believers). He replies: "My camera is my gun". Soon after, when a vote is proposed to behead Najibullah, he is forced to flee the camp.


Najibullah Quraishi is an Afghan-born freelance reporter, cameraman and field producer. He has 10 years experience with Afghan National Television where he worked as a producer, reporter and presenter. In 2002, after successfully collaborating on the film 'Afghan Massacre: Convoy of Death', Najibullah moved to the UK, and in the same year won a Rory Peck Award for a film about the SAS in Afghanistan. 

(*as of 2010)

Judges Comments

"He had amazingly open access to the group - we see them fighting, making bombs, making mistakes - all the while appearing quite natural. They obviously had a level of trust with the filmmaker."