Arturo Perez
Recipient of Martin Adler Prize 2010

Arturo Perez

Freelance Cameraman

Arturo Perez is a freelancer who covers the bloody drugs war in Mexico's most violent city of Ciudad Juarez. He took the bold decision to base himself there in 2008 as the wave of violence, sparked by drug wars, started to engulf the city. In 2009, some 2,750 people were killed in the city.

His work has highlighted how the drugs war is claiming more and more victims not involved with the drugs trade - children, women and university students.
"Arturo has captured with his camera shocking images which document the massacres, attacks, disappearances and car bombs which have left thousands of victims in a city which has become the battle ground for criminal gangs.

Despite threats and intimidation from these gangs, and even from security forces, Arturo has remained strong and unfailing in his coverage - mindful of the fact that in Mexcio other journalists have been killed just for fufilling their duty to keep society informed."