Suliman Ali Zway and Osama Alfitory
Recipient of The Martin Adler Prize

Suliman Ali Zway and Osama Alfitory


Known by international journalists as "The Benghazi A Team", Suliman Ali Zway and Osama Alfitory found themselves in every corner of the country during Libya's revolution, helping journalists deliver accurate and ground breaking news.

Working on the frontlines of East Libya, in the middle of highway wars in Brega and Ras Lanouf, bunkered down along Misrata fronts, and from the centre of sniper fire in Tripoli and Sirte, they uprooted their lives to help newsgatherers get the story out of their country.

Suliman Ali Zway and Osama Alfitory helped journalists and members of many international organisations including the New York Times (Kareem Fahim), The New Yorker (Jon Lee Anderson), PBS Frontline (Tim Grucza, Ken Dornstein), and Human Rights Watch (Peter Bouckaert). They also assisted freelancers such as Nicole Tung (New York Times, Human Rights Watch), Portia Walker (The Washington Post, The Independent, USA Today), Ruth Sherlock (The Mirror, The Telegraph), Patrick Wells (Aljazeera, UNICEF) and Rachel Beth Anderson.
"Almost every journalist knows of The Benghazi A Team, and has most likely worked with them during their time in the field in Libya. Just as the fighters were volunteering to do their part in the revolution, these two had the same mindset and, remarkably, refused to accept money for their efforts." - freelance filmmaker, Rachel Beth Anderson.

  • Images copyright: Main top left (Osama Alfitory): Patrick Wells; main top right (Suliman Ali Zway): Karim Fahim; above (Suliman and Osama): Nicole Tung.