Finalist, Rory Peck Award for News

Waad Al Kateeb (Syrian)

May 2016, Syria

A Life in the Day of Aleppo

Self-funded. Broadcast by Channel 4 News

Waad's entry focuses on the lives of one family caught up in the Syrian conflict. As the bombing of Aleppo intensified, three brothers went out to play and were hit by an air strike. They ended up at the al-Quds hospital where freelance camerawoman Waad was filming doctors at work.

She then captured the harrowing story of what happened to six-year-old Mohammed and the immediate impact on his devastated family, giving us a rare and intimate glimpse into what thousands of families have gone through in this city during the last five years. 



Waad Al Kateeb (not her real name) is a former student at Aleppo University, and was initially trained as a citizen journalist by a number of NGOs. She was later trained by both the DW Academy and Orient TV, and has since worked for Orient TV and al Arabiya in addition to Channel 4 News. She is 24, mother of a seven month old and married to a doctor in Aleppo. 

Judges Comments

"I’ve seen many reports from Syria, but I’ve not been as moved by any single report as I was by this one. So beautiful, so painful, so poignant. Just a fragile, delicate, discrete story of human tragedy. It’s clear that Waad followed her gut; it almost felt like one take, one shot, because her pictures told one very simple story so tightly and so well."