Angel Istek Alcu
Recipient of Martin Adler Prize 2016

Angel Istek Alcu

Freelance journalist, fixer, guide and translator

Turkish fixer Angel Istek Alcu will be the first woman to receive the Martin Adler Prize 2016, sponsored by Hexagon, a prestigious award that recognises the contribution that local freelance journalists make to international newsgathering. Based in the city of Diyarbakir, Turkey, Angel ​has a reputation among visiting journalists as one of the region’s most trusted, knowledgeable and brave fixers. A 31 year old single mother, she lives and works in a difficult and dangerous place for both local and international journalists to report from - the area is at the centre of an escalating but largely unreported war between the Turkish government and Kurdish insurgents.

“She knows everyone in the city, which corners to turn around and which ones to stay away from, switching from Turkish to Kurdish in a nano-second depending on the people we are speaking to and where,” says Panos photographer Guy Martin, who has worked regularly with Angel over the last few years. “Diyarbakir is a city with barricades, a labyrinth of narrow alley-ways. She is able to not only keep us safe, but be a reassuring presence to the many Kurdish residents that have been forcibly displaced from the fighting in urban areas of the city.”

The Martin Adler Prize 2016 is sponsored by Hexagon.

About the Martin Adler Prize

The Martin Adler Prize honours a local freelancer who has made a significant contribution to newsgathering. The aim of the prize is to highlight the dedication and talent of freelancers who work under challenging and difficult circumstances within their own country, and who go largely un-recognised by the international news media. The freelancer can be involved in any area of newsgathering, for example, as a fixer, translator, driver, journalist, cameraperson, filmmaker or photographer. This is a non-competitive prize, given at the discretion of the Rory Peck Trust. It is sponsored by Hexagon.

About Martin Adler

Martin Adler, an award-winning freelance journalist, photographer and filmmaker, was murdered in Somalia in 2006. Committed to covering the people, places and events that he felt nobody else cared about, Martin shed light on some of the world’s most dangerous and abusive situations. In memory of Martin and his work, the Trust inaugurated this special prize in 2007.