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Waad Al Kateab (Syrian )

November 2016, Syria

Inside Aleppo: The Last Hospital

Commissioned and broadcast by Channel 4 News / ITN.

As rebel-held east Aleppo began its fall into the hands of the regime, Syrian freelancer Waad al Kateab was holed up in its last functioning hospital, Al-Quds, filming scenes of the devastation on the city’s civilians. She captures the daily horrors for those trapped in Aleppo’s diminishing enclave - the moment a distraught woman tells how her entire apartment block collapsed on her and her family; the silent, traumatised toddler, her face caked in dust and dried blood. This is a rare glimpse of what thousands of families have gone through in East Aleppo during the last six years. 


Waad is a former student of Aleppo University. She taught herself how to film and was initially trained as a citizen journalist by a number of NGOs and later by Deutsche Welle Academy and Orient TV. She has since worked for Orient TV and Al Arabiya in addition to Channel 4 News, for whom she is a regular contributor. The first of Waad’s films aired on Channel 4 News in early 2016. In only a few months her reports from Syria became the most-watched pieces on the channel, and have been collectively seen by over 400 million people worldwide.

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Judges Comments

“In Waad’s work, you’re in the present, in the very midst of the event. It’s important and has impact. Every shot is well-framed and tells stories in a microscopic way; it feels so very personal. She uses instinctive techniques which reach out and move people. Not one shot is fired, yet Waad shows us so powerfully the horrors of war. I’ve seen this at least five times, and it still makes we well up. It is an exemplary piece of journalism.”