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Conditions of Entry
By submitting your Entry Form to the Rory Peck Awards you are accepting and agreeing to the Rory Peck Awards Conditions of Entry.
  1. Declaration by entrant If you are entering your own work, please complete and sign the following:
    • I am a bona fide freelance camera operator and my main occupation is in newsgathering, journalism, current affairs, documentary-making or related programme making
    • I confirm that the work submitted for entry is all my own and original in every respect, except where stated on the entry form
    • I authorise the Rory Peck Trust to use the footage submitted in all and any publicity associated with the Awards including broadcast programmes which promote the Awards and the work of the Rory Peck Trust
    • I understand that I may be disqualified from the Awards if I provide any information in my entry form that is misleading or untrue
    • I accept the Conditions of Entry and confirm that all statements made on this form are to my knowledge true and accurate
  2. Declaration by entrant’s representative If you are submitting an entry on behalf of a freelancer, please complete and sign the following:
    • I confirm that this footage is the work of the named entrants/joint entrants in the above section 'Entrants details'
    • He/she is a bona fide freelancer
    • I am entering this work with his/her full knowledge and approval
    • He/she accepts the terms and conditions of the competition, and the authorisation for use of materials, as listed above
    • I confirm that all statements made on this form are to my knowledge true and accurate
    • I acknowledge that organisations nominating or representing the freelancer may be asked to cover his/her travel and accommodation and will be expected to organise visas if required
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