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An interactive risk assessment course for freelancers

An interactive risk assessment course for freelancers

Being a freelance journalist can be difficult and dangerous. So what's the best way to prepare for the worst? Our new online Risk Assessment Course will show you how. 

Produced with Small Media Foundation, this unique online course helps freelance journalists put together a professional, comprehensive risk assessment that will help them prepare for any assignment.

Through a series of course modules featuring videos, scenarios, quizzes and downloads, freelancers will learn how to identify and mitigate risks to themselves, their colleagues and networks. Vital insights and advice on everything from safety and security to first aid, travel, accomodation and communications are covered. 

Uniquely, this FREE course also contains real life examples and testimonies from award-winning filmmakers, journalists and security experts to help freelancers with little experience - or those seeking a refresher. It is available in English, Persian and Arabic

"Take time to do a risk assessment. It’s not an annoying box ticking exercise," says contributing journalist Jenny Kleeman, who has reported for BBC One's Panorama and Channel 4's Unreported World. "It makes you a better filmmaker and journalist." 

1st Option Safety's security adviser, Chris Lawton shares his advice, tips and wisdom: Safety is "a way of thinking. It's a way of operating.  And there's always something that you can do."

And Emmy and Bafta-winning filmmaker Olly Lambert reveals what he's learned preparing for many foreign filming trips "The biggest mistake you can make when writing a risk assessment is to think, 'Oh, this will never happen.' This stuff does happen and you're doing yourself and your team a disservice if you rule out the possibility of bad stuff happening." 
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Note, this course does not replace hostile environment training - so if you're planning to travel to, or work in a hostile environment, please check out the Rory Peck Training Fund pages on our site. 

The resource is hosted by Small Media on their Advocacy Assembly online learning platform.

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