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Thursday, 21 December 2017
Getting Kamaran's Story Out Freelancer news

Getting Kamaran's Story Out

Freelance photographer Kamaran Najm is one of 11 Iraqi journalists who are currently being held hostage. As Iraq is declared 2017's most deadly country in the world for journalists, Sebastian Meye...

Thursday, 26 October 2017
You are not fake, you are championsOur Fundraisers

You are not fake, you are champions

At the heart of the freelance community is where the Rory Peck Trust has always belonged - and always will.

02 Aug 2017
Freelancers receive one-to-one safety advice on first-ever day of surgeriesFreelancer news

Freelancers receive one-to-one safety ad...

On 13th July, 37 freelancers from around the world joined RPT, Frontline Freelance Register (FFR) and a team of security experts to get their safety questions answered.

24 Jul 2017
Supporting the family of missing freelancer Jean BigirimanaFreelancer news

Supporting the family of missing freelan...

Last Saturday 22nd July marked one year since the disappearance of freelance journalist Jean Bigirimana in Burundi. We talked to Programme Officer Valentine Gavard about the impact this has had on Jean's fa...

18 Jul 2017
Leaving exile for good: freelancer Sanna Camara returns to The GambiaFreelancer news

Leaving exile for good: freelancer Sanna...

Most of the freelance journalists we support in exile never get to make the journey home. So when investigative reporter Sanna Camara got in touch with RPT's Valentine Gavard to say that he'd returned t...

25 May 2017
For freelance journalists in Mexico, life has never been more dangerousViews and Voices

For freelance journalists in Mexico, lif...

On Monday 15th May, one of Mexico’s most respected journalists, Javier Valdez Cardenas, was shot and killed near his office in Culiacan,Sinaloa.  He was the fifth journalist to be killed in Mexico si...

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