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Thursday, 16 March 2017
Centres of Exile: ParisFreelancer news

Centres of Exile: Paris

Every year, the Trust supports freelance journalists forced to set up new lives in some of the world’s largest capital cities. But what are the realities of life in exile? And how do you re-start your car...

Tuesday, 06 September 2016
In Rwanda, Burundian freelancers find a place of safetyRPT News

In Rwanda, Burundian freelancers find a place of safety

Over 150 journalists have been forced to flee Burundi since April 2015. Here RPT's Valentine Gavard describes a unique initiative that is providing shelter and protection to Burundian freelancers in Rwanda....

25 Aug 2015
From exile to asylum: A Sri Lankan freelancer's experienceViews and Voices

From exile to asylum: A Sri Lankan freel...

Since I joined the Trust in early 2015, I have been following the story of Darshini, a Sri Lankan freelance journalist who was forced into exile in 2010.

16 Apr 2015
New resources for East African journalists in exileRPT News

New resources for East African journalis...

The Rory Peck Trust has launched new online resources in Swahili, Somali and French for East African freelance journalists who have been forced into exile. 

02 Dec 2014
Supporting Iranian Freelancers in ExileRPT News

Supporting Iranian Freelancers in Exile

In September 2014, in association with BBC Persian and Small Media Foundation, the Trust ran a three day professional development workshop for Iranian freelancers in exile. 

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