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Our work is made possible by the generous support of a range of funders: from large-scale media organisations to leading social media companies; from private donors to international funding bodies.

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Trusts & Foundations.

Col. W.H. Whitbread Charitable Trust


A very special thanks to the following for fundraising on behalf of the Trust:

CBS London News Bureau team
Samir Jeraj
Jules Mattsson

Individual Donors.

Tommaso Bartalucci
Antonia Benfield
Natalia Bergamaschi
Mark Bridge
Jonathan Callery
Madhav Chinnappa
Rev. Nick Crawley
Sean Curtis-Ward
Rupert Darbyshire
Stephanie DeGroote
Anootan Dhanjal
Dave Diamond
Marcus DiPaola
Carmen Gonzalez-Calatayud
Jeremy Goro
Sacha Guney
Liz Hannam
Tom Hetherington
Mary Hockaday
Mr. Jeremey
Harry Krais
Anthony Leon
Peter Manning
James Mates
Richard Moore
Jacqueline Pietsch
Venetia Rainey
Max Riley
Paul Rogers
Barbara Saunders
Dorothee Schobert-Sargent
CHC Scott
Nigel Smith
Tabitha Troughton
Sir Harold Walker
Sarah Ward-Lilley
Tanya Wilmer
Naomi Wilson

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