Who was Rory Peck?

Rory Peck was one of the most skillful and respected freelance cameramen of his generation, who captured some of the most enduring news images of the late twentieth century.

Rory covered the first Gulf War, the wars in Bosnia and Afghanistan and the many armed conflicts that followed the dissolution of the Soviet Union, where he moved with his wife Juliet and their four children after covering the coup against Gorbachev.

He was one of a growing band of cameraman who worked independently, supplying footage to a range of organisations including the BBC and ARD, and was a founder partner of Frontline Television News, a London-based co-operative of freelance cameramen, which he set up with Vaughan Smith, Peter Jouvenal and Nicholas Della Casa in 1989.

Rory was killed in Moscow in October 1993. He had been filming a vicious gun battle outside the Ostankino television station during Russia's October coup and was caught in crossfire. He was posthumously awarded the Order for Personal Courage by Yeltsin.

The Rory Peck Trust was set up in memory of Rory in 1995, by Juliet and a group of close friends, to provide support for the family's of freelance cameramen and women. The Trust has since grown into an international organisation that supports all freelance newsgatherers.

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