Why are freelancers important?

Freelancers are some of the bravest and most vulnerable people in the news business. They do what they do - because you need to know...

Freelancers have always played a vital role in newsgathering and their contribution today is more important than ever. Whether working internationally or in their own country, freelance journalists, photographers, videojournalists are communicating independently across all news platforms: print, online and broadcast. 

International news organisations rely on them for access to difficult terrains, for local knowledge and for rapid, professional responses to developing situations from the frontlines of the world’s crime and conflict zones.

In oppressed or violent environments, freelancers often work at the point where freedom of expression and human rights intersect, making a crucial contribution to the flow of information for those most affected. Repressive and violent regimes fear them, frequently persecuting them for exposing crime, corruption and human rights abuse. 
Journalism has become a high-risk occupation. Freelancers face these risks with little or no protection.


Image above: RPT has helped support Manika Jha's work in Nepal.

Image below : RPT beneficiary Andrea Bernardi in Syria.

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