Partners: Sub-Saharan Africa

The Rory Peck Trust works with a variety of local organisations working in East, West and Southern Africa.

East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Dependers Project (EHAHRDP)

EHAHRDP, based in Kampala, is active throughout the East and Horn of Africa region. Their core work is to support the protection and safety of human rights defenders, including journalists. Besides advocacy and reporting, they aim to build the capacity of organisations and individuals throughout the region. They run safety training courses, and a resource centre in Kampala.

Journalistes en Danger (JED)

Journalistes en Danger is an independent NGO based in Kinshasha that works to promote press freedom in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It records instances of and actively advocates against media violations in the country, offers financial support to the families of journalists killed or imprisoned for professional reasons, and offers training workshops for media workers in the region.

Journalists for Human Rights Kenya (JOHURI)

Journalists for Human Rights Kenya is a Kenyan based NGO  that monitors infringements on media freedom in the country and offers practical support to Kenyan journalists. 

Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA)

MFWA is an independent, non-profit NGO based in Accra, Ghana. It was established in 1997 to defend and promote the rights and freedoms of the media in West Africa. They provide legal support for journalists being prosecuted, engage in independent media development in the region, and monitor and research infringements against media workers.

Protection International – East Africa

PI is an international organization that focuses on providing tools to human rights defenders so that they can protect themselves and better understand their own safety. Their website focuses on sharing experiences on how to protect human rights defenders.

PI runs a regional programme in East Africa, based in Nairobi. They do not provide direct financial assistance but can be contacted for advice.

Syndicat des Professionnels de l’Information et de la Communication du Senegal (SYNPICS)

SYNPICS is Senegalese journalists union. They support freelance journalists working in the country with financial assistance, and monitor attacks on the media.

Uganda Journalists Union (UJU)

The UJU is a union for journalists based in Uganda and promotes the rights of journalists, including freelancers, in the country. They monitor cases of infringements against media workers and have worked with RPT and the IFJ in supporting a number of freelance journalists. They have a particular interest in exiled journalists.

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