Director of the Rory Peck Trust steps down 

Clothilde Redfern, Director of the Rory Peck Trust, is stepping down after five and a half years. She will remain at the organization until May. 

Clothilde has been Director of the Trust since September 2018, when she guided the Trust’s participation in the UK’s Global Media Freedom campaign launch in 2019. This global campaign saw growing political engagement in media freedom issues and the importance of journalists as an essential pillar of democracy. She maintained the Trust’s close ties with the news industry and secured new funding from Trusts & Foundations, as well as inter-governmental agencies. She supported the Trust’s team through Covid, ensuring its support programmes continued to address the urgent assistance needs of freelance journalists throughout the pandemic. 

Clothilde designed and successfully fundraised for the Resilience Programme launched in 2021, which addressed the complex psychological needs of frontline journalists, and included a Trauma Therapy Fund. She also ensured the expert support made available through the Trust’s long-standing Safety Clinics could be accessed as and when journalists need it by initiating the Risk & Safety Helpdesk allowing journalists planning assignments to hostile environments to receive fully-funded security consultations online. 

“It has been the greatest privilege to lead the Rory Peck Trust and see the team’s work grow our reach and impact,” says Clothilde. “Working in a purpose-driven organisation alongside a dedicated multi-national team has been a huge pleasure, and I want to pay tribute to their achievements, since it truly is teamwork. My vision was, wherever possible, to fill the gap between the support staff journalists enjoy and that which freelance journalists receive. Media safety issues are increasingly complex with growing intersection of physical, digital, psychological and legal risks to journalists. There is so much more the Trust can do.”

Chair of the charity’s Board of Trustees, Tira Shubart, said: “Over the last five years Clothilde has led the transformation of the charity, working with the team and the Board to maximise the impact of its programmes and address the various safety needs of freelance journalists, particularly those working in hostile environments. As the organisation looks ahead to its thirtieth anniversary next year, it can rely on strong relationships of support in the news industry to help the freelance community integral to international newsgathering. The programmes that Clothilde and her team have implemented mean the trust is well-placed to continue to meet the needs of the next generation of freelance journalists. I would like to thank her for her inspiring work increasing the impact and the reach of the trust. I, and all of the charity’s trustees, wish her the very best for the future.”

The charity is currently recruiting for a successor.