Partners: Eurasia

The Rory Peck Trust works with a variety of organisations across Europe and Central Asia.

Belarus Association of Journalists

The Belarus Association of Journalists is a Belarusian NGO aimed at ensuring freedom of speech and promoting independent journalism. It produces resources aimed at supporting Belarusian journalists, and advocates on their behalf.


Bianet is an independent Turkish press agency based in Istanbul. It has an editorial focus on human rights and freedom of expression, and runs professional training courses for Turkish journalists.


Chechnya Advocacy Network

The Chechnya Advocacy Network works to raise awareness of human rights issues in Chechnya, and supporting the legal, material and educational needs of human rights defenders in Chechnya. They also monitor and advocate against attacks on human rights defenders, including journalists, in the country.

Glasnost Defense Foundation

The Glasnost Defense Foundation is a Russian NGO which works to defend journalists and freedom of expression in the country. It records all individual cases of journalist violations in Russia and provides individual assistance grants to journalists who are being persecuted in Russia.


Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS)

This organisation is a local Azerbaijani NGO that campaigns for free speech and media safety in the country.  It supports journalists who are being persecuted, runs a media safety hotline and offers safety and security communications training for journalists in the region.


NAI works to empower independent media in Afghanistan and to promote freedom of expression. Supported by Internews, they offer practical training to journalists who are seeking to begin careers in the local media industry in Afghanistan. They also monitor and report on attacks against journalists in the country and advocate the government for better media laws.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE / RL)

RFE/RL is a non-profit news organisation, funded by the US government, which works to promote democratic values in Europe and Central Asia by providing unfiltered and open news and analysis on the region.


T24 is an independent Turkish news organisation.

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