Our Funders & Donors

Our work is made possible by the generous support of a range of funders: from large-scale media organisations to leading social media companies; from individual donors to international funding bodies.

Please consider making a grant, a corporate donation or fundraising on behalf of the Trust.


Trusts & Foundations.




Friends of RPT.

Steve Cook
Oliver Englehart
Kate Losowsky
Sean Twamley
Sarah Ward-Lilley
Rhys Williams

Individual Donors.

William Adams
Nawal Al-Maghafi
Fiona Anderson
Guy Black
Marion Burns
Tina Carr
Christopher Carson
Madhav Chinnappa
Rev. Nick Crawley
Sean Curtis-Ward
Stephanie DeGroote
Fiona Dodd
Betsy Doolan
Nigel Doran
Tim Doyle
Jeff Dubin
William Dunlop
Gaelle Faure
Frank Gonzalez
Liz Hannam
Jonathan Hawkins
Christopher Hay
Richard Henshaw
Ms M Holkaday
Mr Jeremey
Anna Johnson
Kathie Knell
Jeff Kofman
Harry Krais
TR Lansner
Christophe Lanz
Anthony Leon
George Lerner
Joe Lo
Josh Lustig
Alexander Maeder
Peter Manning
James Mates
Kate Mayne
Richard Moore
Naja Nielsen
Martin Partington
Rita Payne
Karen Peek
Jacqueline Pietsch
William Reeve
Paul Rogers
CHC Scott
Amy Selwyn
Joseph Stenson
Brian Stewart
Hannah Storm
Marie-Noelle Valles
Martijn van der Werff
Peeranut Visetsuth
Sir Harold Walker
Barbara Ward
Sarah Ward-Lilley
Adrian Wells
Naomi Wilson
Eric Wishart
Thomas Witherow
Katharina Wojczenko
Parniyan Zemaryalai

Tribute Donations.

With thanks to those who have made a special donation in honor of friends and colleagues:

Donna Hanover, in memory of Reese Schonfeld


A very special thanks to the following for fundraising for the Trust in the past year:

Vanora Bennett
Victoria Clark
Kate de Pury
Amie Ferris-Rotman
Albina Kovalyova
Caro Kriel
Aliaume Leroy
Haley Ott
Emma Wells

We would also like to thank those donors who wish to remain anonymous.