Kenya: Election Hotline for Freelancers

In March 2013 the Trust partnered with the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) to provide emergency support for local journalists covering the country's presidential elections.

In 2007, Kenya's journalists - most of them freelance - found themselves the targets of public anger and political abuse as the country's elections led to widespread ethnic violence.

To ensure that journalists reporting on the 2013 elections were given protection and support when they needed it most, the MCK set up an emergency hotline for victims and witnesses of attacks on the Press which provided on the spot advice, guidance and information.

The Trust supported the initiative with funds to provide immediate assistance to freelancers needing urgent help or medical attention.

All Kenyan journalists with election accreditation were given the hotline number, which was also advertised in local papers and via radio. Despite a relatively calm elections, more than 35 incidents were reported by journalists and five freelancers received emergency assistance funded by the Trust. 

Photo credit: Ephraim Muchemi / Media Council of Kenya

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