Lebanon: Freelance Hostile Environment Training and First Aid

In June 2012, the Trust collaborated with TYR Solutions to provide affordable Hostile Environment Training to 14 freelancers based in the Middle East.

The 4-day course took place in Chtaura, Lebanon and focussed on security awareness and medical training.
Participants had a range of experiences and disciplines. Most were based in Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey. None had received any formal HET or First Aid training before.

At the end of the course, participants said they felt "much better prepared", "confident", "knowledgeable" and "safer as a result". 
Others commented on how valuable the course was in preparing them for work in hostile environments - "a must for anyone reporting from a conflict area", "highly recommended", "an incredibly useful four days". 

Many said that they had re-evaluated their approach to preparation, contingency plans and safety in the field as a result of the course. 

"We will be safer and more savvy operators after completing this training."

 - Ed Giles, freelance photojournalist, based in Egypt

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