Mexico: Good Practice Programme

In 2008, the Trust ran a Good Practice Programme in Mexico to raise awareness of the daily dangers facing journalists in Mexico at a time when this was unreported.

The programme also highlighted the specific vulnerabilities of freelance newsgatherers working alone in some of the most dangerous and volatile regions, and encouraged practical measures for their safety and protection.  We worked in different parts of the country, talking to freelancers, news and media organisations, encouraging them to share their experience in focus groups, forums, online and in newsletters.

We then worked with our local partner, Article 19 Mexico, to put together a comprehensive safety training programme for Mexican freelance and staff newsgatherers, leading to the first ever safety training courses for journalists in Mexico.

After the pilot course, an informal email network of freelance and staff journalists emerged which is still being used to circulate information on attacks on journalists, media and safety. We also published the Freelancers in Mexico report which you can download here. 

This Programme was supported by the Open Society Institute

Download the Good Practice Guide for Mexico (PDF - 5.2MB)

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