Mexico: Safety Training

Violence against journalists in Mexico has not diminished, especially for those covering drug trafficking and organised crime.  Attacks continue with impunity.

In 2008 the Rory Peck Trust - together with Article 19 Mexico - organised the first ever safety training courses tailored specifically to the needs of Mexican journalists. The aim was to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to confidently investigate corruption, drug trafficking, organised crime and violent demonstrations in a safe, risk aware and ethical manner. Since that first pilot project 113 journalists have benefitted from this training, and 49 of these have been freelancers funded by The Rory Peck Trust.

The most recent course took place in Mexico City in August 2011. A further eight freelancers participated, all funded by the Trust.

This initiative has had a strong impact in Mexico. Course participants have been networking online, sharing the skills and knowledge they have gained with their freelance colleagues. It has also raised awareness with media employers in Mexico of the need for this essential training.

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