Russia: Moscow Round Table on Journalism and Trauma

Russian journalists regularly face threats, intimidation and physical violence, especially those reporting on corruption, crime and civil rights abuses - with freelancers being the most vulnerable. Yet very few, if any, have received any training or advice on how to deal with these issues.

So in November 2011, the Trust funded the country's first Round Table on Journalism and Trauma for freelancers.

Organised in partnership with Dart Centre Europe and the Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations – a Russian press advocacy group – the 2-day workshop was attended by 12 freelance journalists from around the country who worked in print, broadcast and photojournalism.

The workshop had three main objectives:

  • to get participants acquainted with a basic knowledge of the trauma and stress involved in journalists' work
  • raise awareness of the importance of trauma in journalism, and initiate discussion and
  • network forming for future peer support.

Feedback from the event scored highly. Participants commented on the importance of the issues covered and praised the trusting and supportive atmosphere that the trainers created.  Many thought that the workshops should become widely available to journalists around Russia.


"Everything was of the highest level, everything was valuable and useful, including the communication with [other] participants."

"The event helped me find answers to those many questions that bothered me not only as a journalist but as a human being."

[This] new knowledge will help us to work better and if an article is more professional, the journalist provides safety to himself and his protagonists....the seminar helped clarify many questions that bothered and tortured me."

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