Turkey: Syria Trauma Workshop

Freelance international journalists covering events in Syria regularly witness extreme and horrific events. But it's very difficult for freelancers to know how to process and deal with the trauma that can follow conflict and danger.

Most don't have the back up of an organisation to help and advise them, and it's an issue that's rarely addressed in the freelance community.

In April 2013, the Trust organised a two-day Trauma Workshop for freelance journalists covering the conflict in Syria. Run with partners the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, the workshop was attended by 13 freelance journalists, photographers and filmmakers from six countries.

It helped them identify and manage trauma that could arise as they covered events in Syria, and supported them with approaches and techniques for interviewing traumatised subjects and sources in the field.

It also provided the opportunity for freelancers to discuss their own experiences of working in Syria and to share issues and concerns with experts and peers.

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