Crisis Fund

The Crisis Fund provides grants to freelance journalists to help with costs associated with an immediate crisis, either personal or in cases of force majeure such as natural disasters or political and civil unrest. 

Due to unprecedented demand the 2022 budget for this fund is now spent.
Therefore, we are unable to accept further applications at this time.

About the Fund

Our support

Provides a safeguard for active freelance news journalists whose work and livelihoods have been put at risk as a result of crises such as:

  • War or armed conflict
  • Emerging political crisis or civil unrest
  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires or pandemics etc.

This fund aims to contribute to expenses related to: relocation, urgent basic subsistence (rent, bills), urgent medical aid, and sometimes assistance to a freelancer’s family following an injury, imprisonment, kidnap or death of the journalist while doing their work.


If you are a professional freelance journalist working in news and current affairs whose only source of income comes from journalism you may be eligible for a grant.  

You must meet all of the General Eligibility criteria listed on the Assistance page and the following criteria specific to this Crisis Fund:

  • Your last published work must be dated no later than the last three months before the crisis emerged; 
  • You must be able to provide evidence of the crisis affecting your directly, e.g. upcoming work was cancelled or a planned assignment was postponed because of travel and/or work restrictions;
  • You must be able to provide a date for the incident that drove you to apply for assistance

Grant-making process

The application process can take between 1-3 weeks and our team will make direct contact with you. We aim to reply to every request but unfortunately we cannot provide individual feedback to those we are not able to support. We also work closely with an international network of partners and may refer applicants to appropriate organisations around the world for further support.

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