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Freelancers and Insurance

Freelancers and Insurance

Insurance for freelancers working in news and current affairs across all media platforms should be accessible, flexible, affordable and available worldwide.

Due to the unpredictable nature of freelance work,  insurance has always been an expensive business - often too expensive for freelancers.

Ever since the Rory Peck Trust was established in 1995, one of its key aims has always been to ensure that freelance media workers do not work, or go on international assignments, without adequate insurance cover. And we've always believed that news organisations and freelancers have a joint responsibility for this.

There has been progress over the years. Some major news organisations and agencies, increasingly aware of their responsibilities towards commissioned freelancers, are including insurance provisions in contracts. Some insurance companies are providing discounted insurance for freelancers who have undergone specialist training in hostile environments. But there is still a long way to go. For many freelancers, going into, or working in, unpredictable areas or conflict zones, one-off insurance can be prohibitively expensive.  As a result, many go on assignment either inadequately covered or in the worst cases, without any cover at all .

We will continue talking with news organisations and insurers, and looking for ways to make insurance for freelancers accessible, available and above all - affordable.

Meanwhile we encourage all freelancers to invest in at least the minimum level of coverage for their needs and hope this resource will help bring some practical help and clarity to those looking for insurance.

We welcome your feedback.

Tina Carr, Director, Rory Peck Trust
Image: © K.roll2007, used here under a Creative Commons licence.

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