How We Help

The Trust provides financial assistance and practical support to freelance journalists worldwide.

Bringing important stories to the world from dangerous places can come at great personal risk. The Rory Peck Trust assists freelance journalists in crisis, supports their recovery and builds their resilience so they can continue their vital work and do their job safely.

We are one of the only organisations in the world solely dedicated to helping freelance journalists.

Georgia training

Safety Training & Advice

The Trust enables freelance journalists to gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to work in hostile environments.

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Financial Assistance

The Trust offers much-needed financial support to help freelancers get back on their feet and continue their crucial work.


Psychological Support

The Trust supports freelancers to regroup and recover with the help of guidance and professional psychological support.


Resources for Freelancers

 Our resources provide valuable information on safety, security and professional development, as well as practical support.