Digital Risk Assessment

Consider digital safety & security.

As a freelance journalist, protecting yourself is no longer just about physical safety and security. You need to consider digital risk too – and plan accordingly.

The Rory Peck Trust encourages all freelancers to undertake a risk assessment before beginning any assignment, which includes assessing digital risk. You can do this by thoroughly completing our digital risk assessment template, helping you to identify, assess and minimise any potential digital security threats to you or your contacts – before, during and after an assignment.

Digital risk assessment

We are relying on digital communications and work flows more than ever, so a thorough digital risk assessment is essential to keep you and your contacts safe from threats and potential psychological harm.

Our digital risk assessment is an exercise that will guide you through the questions you should be asking yourself before you undertake an assignment.  You will find links to relevant pages within our Digital Security Guide, which will give you further information on how you can mitigate different types of digital risk and reduce your exposure to potential threats.


Digital security is only one section of an assignment or project safety plan and whilst it should be specifically considered during your overall safety preparations, also think about how it impacts the other areas of your risk planning. The Rory Peck Trust’s Safety and Security Resources can help with all your safety preparation and how each area can affect the others, such as physical and psychological safety and security.