Safety Clinics

The Rory Peck Trust offers valuable one-to-one sessions with safety experts for freelancers at industry events and forums.

What are safety clinics?

Launched in 2017 by the Rory Peck Trust and Frontline Freelance Register, safety clinics offer one-to-one consultations for freelance journalists and are held as part of industry events and forums throughout the year. Security advisors provide personal guidance and advice on specific safety and risk assessment issues, assignment planning and digital security free of charge to freelancers at all stages of their career.

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For many participants, the sessions are an opportunity to get information they haven’t been able to get elsewhere. The one-to-one sessions can cover topics ranging from encryption tools to appropriate kit for assignments and are tailored to the specific needs of each freelance journalist.

“Personal advice like this is absolutely paramount in a world where safety for freelancers tends to come at a cost,” said Sarah Giaziri, Director of the Frontline Freelance Register. “Up-to-date information combined with personally tailored advice is pretty rare – and offering it to freelancers for free is an exciting step.”

In the past year, we have held safety surgeries in London, New York and at ARIJ’s Annual Forum in Amman, Jordan.

Here is what past participants have said about the safety clinics:

“I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. I learned so much practical info.”

“Honestly, the advice was golden and gave me a lot of clarity on how to proceed.”

“To have access to the insights of such senior experienced journalists was extremely helpful.”

We also welcome collaborations or partnerships with organisations who would like to host our safety clinics at events worldwide. Please contact us for more information.