Partners: Middle East and North Africa

RPT works and collaborates with a variety of organisations across the MENA region.

Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI)

ANHRI is a non-profit organisation based in Cairo that works to support freedom of information and human rights in the Middle East and North Africa.  Its primary activity is to collect and promote publications, reports and statements by human rights organisations in the region and then distribute them in one place, so as to ensure they are received by the maximum number of people possible.

They also release their own reports on important issues for human rights activists in the region, including journalists, and run advocacy campaigns, as well as providing legal assistance.

Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR)

BCHR works to promote and defend human rights in Bahrain. They advocate on behalf of human rights activists, including freelance journalists, and run campaigns in support of human rights and advocate for freedom of speech in Bahrain.

Bahrain Press Association (BPA)

The Bahrain Press Association is a London-based NGO that defends and campaigns against media restrictions in Bahrain. They monitor, report on and advocate against freedom of speech infringements.

Freedom Foundation for Media Freedom, Right and Development

This non-profit organisation works to support media freedom, democracy and human rights in Yemen. They campaign for media pluralism in Yemen, and offer training and legal support for journalists.

Gulf Centre for Human Rights

The Gulf Centre for Human Rights is an independent NGO that works to strengthen support for human rights defenders and individual journalists in the Gulf states. It provides journalists in the region with information about international opportunities available to them, to advocate for their rights and to support in the creation of national and sub-national networks for journalists.

Journalistic Freedom Observatory (JFO) and Metro Center to Defend Journalists

The JFO and Metro Center to Defend Journalists is an Iraqi based NGO that monitors and reports on freedom of expression violations in Iraq, and actively campaigns for better media freedom in the country.  They also provide legal support to persecuted journalists.

Lawyers for Justice in Libya

Lawyers for Justice in Libya is an international NGO made of a network of lawyers who provide legal assistance to human rights defenders, including freelance journalists, in addition to legal training.

Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedom (MADA)

MADA was established in 2006 to support journalists working in Palestine.  It advocates against and monitors media violations, as well as offering legal support and professional training to journalists in the country.

SKeyes Center for Media and Culture Freedom (SKeyes)

SKeyes was established in 2007 at the initiative of the Samir Kassir Foundation, which was founded following the assassination of Lebanese journalist Samir Kassir in 2005. It works to monitor violations against press freedoms in the Arab Levant region and to defend media freedoms.

Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression

The Syria Center for Media and Freedom of Expression is an NGO that monitors and advocates for freedom of expression in Syria.

Syrian Journalist Association

The Syrian Journalist Association is a collection of exiled Syrian journalists who monitor attacks on journalists and advocate on their behalf.

Violations Documentation Center

The Violations Documentation Center is an independent civilian non-profit NGO that monitors and documents violations of human rights in Syria since the uprising began in April 2011.

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