Canada: The Munk School of Global Affairs

Since September 2012, the Trust has been working with the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs to develop a curriculum in freelance tradecraft.

This unique curriculum forms part of a year-long fellowship designed specifically to teach professionals and scholars how to launch careers as specialised freelancers. 

The fellowship was launched in September 2012. During its launch year eight fellows - specialists in fields from climate change and Syrian politics, to law and sustainable energy - received Skype lectures from top freelancers associated with the Trust. They learned how to develop strong relationships with editors, how to develop their own brands as journalists, how to negotiate commissions, how to stay safe in risky environments, how to protect their sources from cyber surveillance, and how to manage their finances. The lectures complemented other courses on mobile broadcast journalism, pitching, copy editing and investigative journalism.

Fellows put their lessons to work, reporting for news organizations affiliated with the Fellowship, including the Thomson Reuters Foundation's, The Dallas Morning News, CBC News, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and Postmedia Network (Canada). Fellows' work also appeared at Al Jazeera, The Christian Science Monitor, The Irish Times, USA Today, and The Atlantic. The Fellows produced 108 clippings in major media during seven months in the program and have continued to produce for major media since then.

The Munk School welcomed a new intake of fellows in September 2013.

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