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New Sources of Funding

New Sources of Funding

Our Sources of Funding resource helps connect freelancers with grant opportunities. We've expanded it with more opportunities.

Finding funding for your latest project can be difficult and time-consuming. We created the Source of Funding pages to help under-resourced freelancers discover the variety of grants available, and to offer advice on how to apply for them.

We’ve had a great response from freelancers so far, and it’s consistently one of the most popular resources on our site. There's a large number of grants availabe for freelancers. Our aim is to compile the most relevant ones and categorise them into region-specific or international sections.

Where is the resource going from here?

While we’ll continue adding new information and new grants, we’re also hoping to speak to people behind grant programmes to provide in-depth features and advice on how to write a successful application. And we’re looking to launch a new page within this resource that will offer advice from broadcasters and news organisations on the best ways to approach them for commissioning opportunities. We will also be publishing a listing of fellowships and awards available to freelance journalists.


Let us know what you think!

Have you applied to some of the grants listed in the resource? Were you successful? Let us know about your experiences. And tell us if this resource has been useful to you or what you'd like it include. If you know of any grants for freelancers that should be included here, or are from an organisation that runs a grant programme, then leave a comment below or send us an email
Image: Birdy, used here under a Creative Commons licence.

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