Freelance filmmaker & his son walk 2800km for RPT

Three years ago, freelance filmmaker Phil Cox was kidnapped in Sudan – now he and 10-year-old son Romeo are trekking across Europe in aid of the Trust

Filmmaker Phil Cox has worked as a freelancer around the world for over 20 years, often under challenging conditions and in conflict zones. In 2017, he was kidnapped in Sudan along with Sudanese producer Daoud Hari. They were imprisoned and mistreated for months, an experience that traumatised them and their families. After this terrifying experience, the Rory Peck Trust was there to offer support to Phil and his family.

This summer, he and 10-year-old son Romeo decided to trek over 2800km from Palermo to London to raise crucial funds for the Trust, so that we can continue helping freelance journalists when they need it the most.

The numbers of attacks on journalists and freelancers are rising globally and there is often little support or recourse for those who are threatened, imprisoned or who suffer post-trauma and PTSD. The Rory Peck Trust is one of the few organisations in the world that are there to provide assistance to freelance journalists and filmmakers who often don’t have anywhere else to turn.

Watch the video above to hear Phil and Romeo explain why they made the journey – and why support for freelance journalists is more critical than ever.

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