Announcing our new Resilience Programme

In partnership with Meta

In response to the growing psychological risks that journalists are exposed to, we have launched a programme to support freelance journalists with free trauma & resilience workshops delivered by Dart Centre Europe, as well as a fund to help cover the cost of therapy.

We know that a combination of repeated exposure to potentially traumatic events, financial insecurity, long hours and a lack of institutional protection all contribute to psychological distress for freelance journalists, which inevitably impacts their ability to work. Freelancers often face challenges in accessing support without the safety net of an organisation behind them, particularly in learning how to deal with distressing situations and build their resilience.

We believe that it is vital to provide specialised trauma-informed training and access to psychological treatment so freelance journalists can build their resilience and manage their mental health when exposed to trauma.

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Registration is currently open for the first Trauma & Resilience Workshop, to be held on 12th and 14th October in English.

Deadline for registration is Friday 1st October 2021.