July training helps Cambodia-based freelance journalists work more safely

A tailored four-day training course, organised by RPT and delivered by Trauma Training for Journalists (TTJ), has equipped 16 Cambodia-based freelance journalists with safety and first aid skills.

July training helps Cambodia-based freelance journalists

With additional support from Free Press Unlimited and ACOS Alliance, the July training was organised in response to The Overseas Press Club of Cambodia, who said freelancers had raised concerns about a lack of up-to-date safety and security skills in the face of deteriorating conditions for journalists.

Participants received training in first aid, safety and digital security taught by experienced medical and security trainers. They were also taught how to prepare risk assessments and given expert legal advice relevant to the situation in Cambodia.

Catalina Cortes, RPT’s Senior Programme Officer for Safety, said: “It was of great concern to us that freelance journalists living and/or working in Cambodia felt that they couldn’t do their jobs securely because of a lack of training, so we’re delighted that they now have the skills and knowledge they need to assess and mitigate the risks that they face – and continue their work as journalists. We also extend huge thanks to our partners who helped to make this training happen.”

Jodi Hilton, TTJ’s Coordinator for Logistics and Training, said: “In coordination with the Rory Peck Trust staff, we tailored our training to meet the specific needs of the Cambodia-based journalists. We added a legal advice component and enhanced our digital security training to our existing medical and security curriculum to prepare the journalists, who are facing challenges working in a highly-charged atmosphere. Feedback from participants was extremely positive and we hope to train many more groups in the future.”

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