Show Me the Money: Managing Your Finances as a Freelance Journalist

In this session, former BBC journalist and finance expert David Thomas explored how to better manage your finances as a freelance journalist.

Finances management freelancer

Freelance finances can be unpredictable at the best of times, so how can we control them when the industry is dealing with such uncertainty?

This session looked at ways of getting to grips with your financial situation as a freelance journalist, how to budget for your personal life and how to estimate what you might need to earn for the next year.

Topics covered included:

  • Why cash flow planning is important for freelancers
  • How to assess your current situation and budget in your personal life
  • How to estimate income and spending
  • How to keep on top of record-keeping without losing your sanity

About the Speaker

David Thomas is a former BBC journalist who has been running his training business for 15 years, helping creative freelancers to be more organised and business-like. He specialises in finance and networking skills training.

David worked at the BBC for 22 years, helping set up two local radio stations, producing current affairs output at the World Service and running the production department looking after English-language teaching for the world.