More than £13.5k Raised in Memory of Fallen Journalists

Dozens of men, women, children and their pets showed up on Sunday, 26 May to participate in the 24-hour bi-annual CBS London bureau walk-a-thon.

Photo credit: Andy Clarke

Participants walked, jogged, and rollerbladed to raise funds for the Rory Peck Trust, which offers practical assistance and support to freelance news-gatherers and their families. The goal of £10k was reached two days before the event even began.

The combination of sponsorship, gift aid and T-shirt sponsorship enabled them raise over £13.5k, with donations being accepted until mid-June.

The walk-a-thon was organised to honour the memories of CBS News cameraman Paul Douglas and soundman James Brolan, who were killed in a terrorist bombing in Baghdad 13 years ago today.

“I know Paul would be laughing out loud seeing his friends and colleagues walking around at 3am with cups of tea in hand,” said Linda Douglas, former wife of cameraman Paul Douglas who participated in the walk-a-thon celebrating the life of her late husband.

“It’s hard to believe it’s 13 years since we lost ‘the boys,’” added CBS News London bureau chief, Andy Clarke. “We said at the time that we would never forget them and we haven’t.  There’s no better way to remember ‘the boys’ than by supporting the Rory Peck Trust, the only charity in the world dedicated to supporting the next generation of freelance journalists and media workers.”

Rory Peck Trust Director Clothilde Redfern said, “It’s heartwarming to see the passion with which CBS staff continue to fundraise for news freelancers everywhere. The amount of emergency assistance we’re able to deliver to those who, like Paul and James before them, take great risks to bring us the news, is directly related to fundraising efforts such as this. Thank you.”

Donations for the Trust are still being accepted here until 10 June, 2019.