Navigating Negotiation in Today’s Media Landscape

Wudan Yan & Jenni Gritters, from the successful podcast The Writer’s Co-op, joined RPT to share their expertise on the business of freelancing.

For media freelancers, contracts can be dangerous and payments are often late. But there are ways to protect yourself– and ways to ask for what you need.

In this webinar, veteran freelance writers Jenni Gritters and Wudan Yan, of The Writers’ Co-op podcast, discussed how to determine a reasonable rate based on your work’s value and the time it takes to complete, as well as how to practically push back to ask for those rates.

They discussed overcoming the fear of negotiation, and also covered contract negotiation, including elements to consider including in your contracts to protect yourself, and red flags to avoid.

About the Speakers

Wudan Yan is an independent journalist based in Seattle. She is a Chinese-American magazine writer, storyteller and photographer who is often drawn to stories involving contrarian characters, unlikely connections, creative solutions, absurdity, injustice, slow-moving humanitarian and environmental crises — or any combination of the above.

Jenni Gritters is a Seattle-based freelance writer and editor. She is a writer and editor who focuses on health, psychology, purchasing and parenting. She’s written originally reported journalism for The New York Times, Medium’s Elemental, Slate, Outside magazine, Greatist, Boston magazine, the Guardian, and beyond.

This event was part of our ‘Business of Freelancing’ series of events, covering the topics that matter most to freelance journalists – from pitching and negotiation to how to present yourself professionally online. Stay tuned for the next in the series!