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  • Ramon Campos

    One of the world’s leading institutions when it comes to supporting freelance and independent filmmakers around the world. – Ramón Campos, Past winner of the News Features Award

  • Maha Hussaini

    I’m so proud to receive this award, because it means that my stories can cross borders, despite all attempts to keep them unread. – Maha Hussaini, Past winner of the Martin Adler Prize

  • Sasha Joelle Achilli

    I’ve always wanted to win this award, it’s the coolest one out there! – Sasha Joelle Achilli, Past winner of the Sony Impact Award

  • Guillermo Galdos

    The Rory Peck Awards are one of the most important in the industry, because they uniquely recognise the efforts of freelance journalists. – Guillermo Galdos, Past winner of the News Award