Who’s got your back? Essential Insurance Tips for Freelancers

Date: Wednesday 27th September 2023, 9am-5pm
Venue: The Frontline Club, London

Essential Insurance Tips

Are you covered if the worst happens while on assignment? Insurance is a much-misunderstood, complex issue of paramount importance to freelance journalists. Our expert panel discussed what every freelancer needs to know about insurance cover and who harbours the risks when you report from the frontline or other hostile environments. Our panel of esteemed insurance specialists in the fields of journalism and high risk media guided our audience on the critical questions you should be asking your commissioner before you go on assignment.

Thea Grootenhuis, Senior Broker, CHC Global
Sam Lewis, Head of Crisis Management, Travelers Insurance
Rob Stephenson, Director of Global Assistance, SPS Global
Clothilde Redfern, Director, Rory Peck Trust