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About the Tech Community

About the Tech Community

This guide could not have been written without the knowledge and commitment of people from the tech community.

Just as there are many different types of journalists there are different types of computer programmers.

Some of these people work to protect freedom of speech on the Internet and this includes technologists who work on digital security issues. They design, build, and test tools that help people protect themselves online.

These computer programmers often favour transparency and will publish their code online so others can review it and look for errors. This is known as open-source software and it is one good indication that the tool you are using is approved by members of the tech community.

Digital security advice changes regularly, which can be both confusing and bothersome for journalists. It is important to understand why these changes happen and to stay informed about what is happening in the world of digital security.   

It is a good idea to get involved with your local tech community. Computer programmers, designers, and data experts quite often meet up to work on projects and create new tools and they often want journalists to work with them and give feedback on design, usability or other aspects of the software.

Just like freelance journalists, some computer programmers often struggle to receive payment for their work. Many projects are funded through grants and donations or worked on pro bono in their free time.


The Rory Peck Trust would like to thank Andrew Ford LyonsJosh Cockcroft, Bernard Tyers, Paul Furley and Runa Sandvik for their valued assistance.  

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