#Safetystream panel on digital security

Updated:July 2016

A panel discussion on digital security for freelancers.

Kim Pham, digital security consultant
Runa A. Sandvik, former Developer, Security Researcher, and Translation Coordinator for the Tor Project
Andrew Lyons, former Digital Producer for Rory Peck Trust, now Technologise for Internews

In October, the Rory Peck Trust, Frontline Freelance Register and Frontline Club held a series of livestream panel discussions called #safetystream. This segment on digital security is with Kim Pham, a digital security consultant, and former Tor Project developer and researcher Runa Sandvik. During this talk, we went over the risks inherent to using voice over internet tools like Skype, and covered how to back up files securly, and what to look for in a "burner phone".

On the day, we used the #safetystream hashtag on Twitter for viewers to submit questions. You can use the feedback button on this page if you've got questions or something to say as well.

Created: November 2013

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