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There are currently hundreds of journalists living in exile in East Africa. Most live in very difficult conditions in refugee camps and urban centres in Kenya and Uganda.

For some, the dangers that they have left behind can follow them to their new country - many continue to be threatened and attacked because of their work back home. For most, their country of refuge can be a hostile environment: harassment, racism and poor living conditions are commonplace. 

The Rory Peck Trust and our partners working with journalists in East Africa realised that there was no single, accessible place for journalists in exile to get up to date information relevant to their needs, and that they lacked the tools and knowledge to help them improve their situation.  Our aim here is to address those needs.

There are currently three sections: 
  1. Your Security: Advice and Assessment

    Practical tools and information that will help journalists in exile think about, understand and reduce the risks that they face in their daily life
  2. Getting Support

    A list of regional and local organisations that can support journalists in exile
  3. The Refugee Process

    Specific information on how to claim asylum in Kenya and Uganda.

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