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Grants: Europe

Grants: Europe

These grants are specifically available to journalists from, or based in, Europe.

Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence

Deadline: February/March
Country/Region Applicable: Balkans

This grant is designed to support and promote journalism in the Balkans. Each year, 10 applicants are awarded financial and professional support to enable them to undertake an investigative journalism project. Each fellowship is worth €2,000, plus an additional €2,000 travel allowance. Participants are also offered a chance to participate in a seven-month programme for investigative development. To apply, submit an online application form.

The Print Futures Awards

Deadline: May
Country/region applicable: UK residents only

For the last 12 years Print Futures have been awarding educational grants to cover short training courses up to £1500. Awards themselves can be granted to anyone aged between 16 - 30 looking to hone their skills in any media discipline; from print journalism to photography. Previous successful applicants have worked in a number of fields and over 20 separate awards were granted in 2014. Applications are assessed through interviews in early June. This fund looks for young potential and a desire to learn, as much as applicants with a wealth of expertise - the application form focusses on the applicants future plans over previous experience.

Firecracker Photographic Grant

Deadline: July
Country/Region Applicable: Europe

The Firecracker Photographic Grant is an annual award that provides funding for a female photographer to complete a documentary photography project. The grant consists of a minimum financial contribution of £1,000 cash plus £1,000 of professional printing, mounting and framing services from Genesis Imaging. Applicants must be born or reside in Europe, and applications are subject to a £10 entrance fee which will be used to contribute towards the successful project.


Connecting Continents 

Deadline: August
Country/Region Applicable: Europe and Africa and Oxfam Novib have teamed up for this pilot project offering grants for mixed teams of African and European journalists. Connecting Continents focusses on investigating financial flows and governance - previous projects funded by have included 'The Migrants Files' amongst other high-profile investigations. Although European applications are invited, teams operating in Africa are particularly encouraged. Each funding round offers around $50,000 in grants - though this will be split between an unspecified number of successful teams. 

The Rudolf Augstein Foundation Journalistiche Nachwuchsf√∂rderung

Deadline: September-December
Country/Region Applicable: Germany

The Rudolf Augstein Foundation offers monthly grants of between €800-€1,000 for German journalists of any age to help them work on stories that cover politics, society or culture. They also offer a number of travel bursaries each year. To apply, you will need to submit a project outline, a CV, some examples of your work, a letter of reference as well as a budget outline for the project.

Peter-Boenisch Memorial Award

Deadline: October
Country/Region Applicable: Russia and Germany

The Peter-Boenisch Memorial Award supports journalists under the age of 34 with a travel grant of €2,000. Each year, one reporter from each country is awarded the prize to enable them to report on different aspects of Russian-German relations and to contribute to a better mutual understanding of the two nations. Applicants should submit a previous piece of work that has been published in Russian or German within the last three years.

European Investigative Journalism Fund

Deadline: Ongoing
Country/Region Applicable: Europe

European freelancers interested in cross-border research should consider applying for a grant for, the organisation behind this fund. The content of the proposed project is open, and it can be in any form of media, but it should be something that involves cooperation and research between freelancers in different countries. The story must be relevant to audiences in Europe and be aimed to be published in media within at least two different European countries.

Innovation in Development Reporting Grant Programme

Deadline: Different dates throughout the year.
Country/Region Applicable: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK

This grant is designed to support the research expenses, including travel, accommodation and technical costs for a project that covers international development issues. The project can be in a variety of media disciplines, and the average size of a grant is €20,000. Freelancers applying for this grant must be working in collaboration with a news outlet. To apply, fill out an online application form and submit it alongside a project proposal.

Mary Raftery Journalism Fund

Deadline: Ongoing
Country/Region Applicable: Ireland

This fund is designed to support journalists from any nationality who have an interest in social issues in Ireland. Up to €18,000 is awarded to a project that focuses on mental health, migrant issues or children's issues. Funding for each subject is given once each year, with rounds of funding in Summer, Autumn and Winter. Projects can take the form of print, broadcast, or online multimedia and applications can be submitted via the website.

Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism

Deadline: Every quarter
Country/Region Applicable: France/Belgium/Netherlands

The aim of this grant is to support journalists with a project that could not be realised within the regular remit of journalism, for instance if the cost is unusually high or the project is exceptionally time-consuming. The proposed project can cover any topic and be in any form of media, as long as it has an investigative journalism focus. The fund has a (discretionary) budget set each quarter, and so the number of grants they are able to offer depends on the size of the individual grants awarded each year. To apply, visit their website and download an application form.


Deadline: Ongoing
Country/Region Applicable: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Ukraine

Founded in 2003, SCOOP is a network for investigative journalists run by the Danish Association of Investigative Journalism, in collaboration with International Media Support. They offer grants to investigative journalists from Eastern Europe and Central Asia to help support new projects. Projects in all forms of media are applicable, and the project should uncover new and important information of clear public interest. Each application should contain a detailed budget, and the grant can go towards a variety of costs including travel expenses, access to databases and expert advice. Maximum support for national investigations is €2,000, and budgets for international investigations will be discussed separately.

Simon Cumbers Media Fund

Deadline: Bi-annually (summer and winter)
Country/Region Applicable: Ireland

The aim of this fund is to assist and promote more and better quality media coverage of development issues in the Irish media. Two rounds of funding are allocated each year: one in the winter and one in the summer. Any media professional can apply for funding, but the project must be either print, broadcast or photography-based. Applicants are assessed by a number of criteria, including: innovation, collaboration, estimated audience etc.

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