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Grants: International

Grants: International

These grants are available to freelancers from any nationality, working in a variety of media formats, across the world.

Inge Morath Award

Deadline: January

This annual award, organised in collaboration with Magnum Photos, is given to a female photojournalist under the age of 30 to enable them to commit to a long-term documentary project. The $5,000 grant must cover a subject within the realm of socially-conscious photojournalism.

Applications can be submitted online or by post. They should include a project description, a CV, a photocopy of valid ID and a portfolio of past photographs.

Alexia Foundation Grants

Deadline: January

The Alexia Foundation offers annual production grants to professional photojournalists to give them the financial ability to produce substantial stories that “drive change in the effort to make the world a better place”. The grant of $15,000 is offered to one photojournalist per year for a project that lasts a minimum of 3 months.

To apply, you will need to fill in an online application form, which can be found on their website, alongside sending a resume and portfolio of your work.

The Reporting Award

Deadline: January

This Award provides a grant of $12,500 ($2,500 upfront and a further $10,000 upon completion) for a journalist in any medium to undergo a project significantly underreported issue that is of public interest. Run by the NYU Arthur Carter Journalism Institute, this grant is exclusively aimed at non-staff journalists who would not have the resources to complete the project otherwise.

Howard G Buffett Fund for Women Journalists

Deadline: March

Launched in 2015 and run by the International Women's Media Foundation, this fund will make an annual total of $230,000 in grants to support female journalists to undertake projects. The size of an individual grant varies, and has no limitations. Successful projects will expose underreported and critical issues and allow female journalists to undertake ambitious projects that challenge traditional media narratives. The fund puts an emphasis on supporting projects by freelancers.

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary and Film Grants

Deadline: March

Each year, the Manuel Rivera-Ortize Foundation for Documentary and Film offer one grant each of up to $5,000 to a photography and a film proposal that highlights human unrest, forgotten communities over-exploited people and environments impacted by war, poverty, disease, famine, exploitation and global distress. Entrants can be from any nationality. To apply, you will need to submit the required supporting materials,  including a project and budget proposal, a CV and a headshot.

Getty Images Creative Grants

Deadline: March

This grant aims to enable photojournalists to undertake a project with the specific aim of collaborating for a non-profit organisation. Each year, five grants of up to $10,000 is awarded to a project that will use images to enhance the international presence of an NGO or support a specific campaign. The grants are designed to cover a variety of expenses, including production costs, travel, equipment and related expenses.

Photocrati Fund

Deadline: April

The Photocrati Fund offers a grant of $5,000 to a professional photojournalist to undertake an important humanitarian or environmental photography project that will have a "lasting and tangible effect on the world". Applicants should submit their proposals, including a personal statement and budget, to

Emerging Photographer Fund

Deadline: May

The Emerging Photographer Fund is open to photojournalists breaking into the scene, and aims to give recognition and funding of $10,000 to emerging talents and help them continue making a mark. They also run an exclusive category for journalists under the age of 25, sponsored by Fuji, which provides cameras and funds of $5,000 to up-and-coming freelancers. 

Eugene Smith Grant

Deadline:  May

Aimed at experienced photojournalists from any nationality, this grant is designed to fund and support the entirety of a project that shows "an exemplary commitment to documenting the human condition of spirit". One grant of $30,000 is given out annually, plus an additional grant given out to one or more recipients as special recognition. To apply, you will need to submit an application online, including a portfolio of your work and a project proposal.

Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography

Deadline: May

This grant, run by stock photo agency Getty images, offers five grants per year of up to $10,000, to photojournalists pursuing projects of "personal and journalistic significance". This grant is open to professional photojournalists from any nationality.  The funds can be used on a wide variety of expenses that will enable freelancers to carve out the time they need to produce the project, including travel, equipment and related expenses. To apply for a grant, visit the Getty Images website.

Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative

Deadline: June

Journalists aged between 22-38 can apply for a grant from the Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative, which encourages reporters to write in-depth pieces about deeply ingrained prejudices. The fellowship offers $5,000 to cover the project - $2,500 upfront and $2,500 upon completion of the story. The edited stories will be published in Moment, who organise the grant. 

Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Association Award

Deadline: June

The Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Association Award offers an annual grant of €8,000 to enable a photojournalist of any sex, age or nationality to cover a social, economic, political or cultural issue that has never been told before. Run in collaboration with Canon France, the resulting project will also be exhibited at the Visa pour L'Image in Perpignon. Entry is free.

Reporters Without Borders Rest and Refuge Scholarship

Deadline: June

In partnership with Taz Panter foundation, Reporters Without Borders Germany are offering an opportunity for international journalists in difficult working conditions to take a 3-month hiatus in Berlin, especially journalists covering war or civil unrest. There is no required output from participants in the scheme; the aim is to provide a chance to lie low, take time out from challenging work and explore a new environment. The scholarship covers travel, accommodation and a stipend for living costs. Applicants should have at least basic English or German language skills.

Above the Fray

Deadline:  July

Run by the John Alexander Project, in collaboration with NPR, the Above the Fray fellowship is designed to give emerging radio journalists the opportunity to cover important but underreported news stories abroad. Applicants must have 3-5 years experience and can be from any nationality. The fellowship should cover production expenses for the duration of the fellowship, including travel, lodging, equipment, interpreters and local transportation. One grant of up to $24,000 is given out each year. To apply, visit their website and fill in the online application form.

Fund for Environmental Journalism

Deadline: July/December

This grant, run by the U.S..-based Society of Environmental Journalists, offers grants of up to $3,500 to support journalists in producing environmental reporting projects. Applicants can be from any nationality, and the funds can be used for the project's expenses, including travel and research. Members of the Society of Environmental Journalism may apply for free, but non-members must pay a $40 application fee.

Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award

Deadline: September/October

This grant is specifically aimed at freelance photojournalists, and offers a sum of €50,000 to enable one winning photojournalist to undertake a project. Each year, the topic of the Award changes: in 2013, the project must be based around Iran. You can apply by visiting their website.

Alicia Patterson Foundation Fellowship

Deadline: October

This scheme awards 5-7 grants per year to US journalists or non-American journalists who regularly work for a US publication. The aim of the grant is to support independent media, and applicants must either be photojournalists or work in print media. Twelve month fellowships are worth up to $40,000, whilst six month ones are worth $20,000.

Applications must be sent by post with examples of your work and the projected costs of your proposal. 

Tim Hetherington Grant

Deadline: October

This grant, named in honour of former Rory Peck Award winner Tim Hetherington, is available to anyone who has applied to the World Press Photo Contest in the last year. The €20,000  award is given out to to one photojournalist on an annual basis, to enable a photojournalist to complete an existing project which has a human rights theme.

It is administered jointly by the World Press Photo Agency and Human Rights Watch.

The Aftermath Project

Deadline: November

Photojournalists interested in covering post-conflict issues should consider applying for a grant from the Aftermath Project. This is a annual grant which offers one grant of $20,000 to a project that tells the story of societies trying to rebuild after a period of instability - ‘conflict’ is widely defined. Journalists from any nationality can apply for a grant, and the recipient of the grant is asked to donate two prints to raise funds for producing a photography book, which will be distributed for free to policy organisations. To apply, visit their website

The Matter International Reporting Fellowship

Deadline: November

Online magazine Matter offer an annual grant of $10,000 to a writer or team of journalists so that they can investigate and report a narrative feature on an issue of global importance - or local stories of global interest. They are willing to cover travel expenses of up to $5,000 on top of the grant. Successful applicants will be young journalists whose work has not yet been published in major magazines. To apply, you will need to submit a pitch outlining the idea for your project, the reporting involved, and how you would tell the story, along with three writing samples and an estimate of travel expenses.

Birtha Britdoc Documentary Journalism Fund

Deadline: Ongoing

International freelance documentary makers looking for financial support for their project should consider investigating into the Birtha Britdoc Documentary Journalism Fund. Grants of between £5,000-£50,000 are offered to support film of more than 60 minutes in length, to go towards research, development, production, HET and legal costs. Funding is awarded on a rolling basis, and applicants should hear a response within 6 weeks of your application. Be aware that they are unlikely to fully-fund a film so the proposed project must have co-financing potential. 

Fund for Investigative Journalism

Deadline: Ongoing

The US-based Fund for Investigative Journalism meet three-four times a year to offer grants to journalists to help support their projects. Grants are on average $5,000 and are designed to cover travel, equipment and research. Funded projects can be on national or international issues, and applicants can apply from anywhere in the world, although their proposed project must be written in English. To apply, fill in the application form on their website.

International Reporting Project Reporting Trips

Deadline: Ongoing

Each year, the International Reporting Project offer a number of different funding opportunities for journalists from all nationalities to travel, as a group, to a country that is important but undercovered in international news. In 2013, these grants included trips to Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Zambia and India. Each grant covers the costs of travel, meal and accommodation. Participants are responsible for paying the costs of their passports and immunization fees.

Mongabay Special Reporting Initiatives

Deadline: Ongoing

Freelancers interested in covering stories with an environmental focus should take a look at Mongabay's Special Reporting Initiatives. Every 2-3 months, they announce a new "special reporting initiative" offering a $15,000 honoriaum and up to $5,000 for reporting, travel and research costs on a specific topic. Each successful project will then be published on the Mongabay website under a Creative Commons license. 

Open Society Foundation Fellowships/Grants

Deadline: Ongoing

OSF run a number of different programmes and grants aimed at a wide variety of people, including freelance newsgatherers from across the world. The content of these grants is normally wide-ranging, but they generally have a media development/human rights-based theme. One example of this is their Audience Engagement Grant, which is aimed at photojournalists. For details about current programmes they are running, see their website for more details.

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting Travel Grants

Deadline: Ongoing

This grant puts an emphasis on funding reporting projects on topics and regions of global importance, but which have gone unreported in today's media landscape. Freelancers from all disciplines can apply for a grant, which must be aimed at being published/broadcast by either US or European media. Grants of up to $10,000 are awarded to cover the travel costs of the project. To apply, applicants should send a project proposal, a letter of reference and a CV.

Image at top is of Ruhi Hamid.

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