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Safety Resources for Syrian Journalists

Safety Resources for Syrian Journalists

The following resources in Arabic have been pulled together specifically for Syrian journalists. They cover safety, first aid, and practical advice for those working in and around Syria. Some are video-based.

CPJ Journalist Security Guide

CPJ’s Journalist Security Guide is a comprehensive resource on journalism safety. It provides detailed information on basic preparedness, assessing and responding to risks, and how to cover a variety of situations, including armed conflict. Whilst it was written for general purpose, and not specifically for journalists covering Syria, it offers incredibly useful information about staying as safe as possible whilst operating in the field.

Reporting for Change: a Handbook for Local Journalists in Crisis Areas

This guide, produced by the Institute of War & Peace Reporting, has a good chapter that introduces safety basics for journalists reporting on crises in their local area. It includes information on basic rules, risk mitigation and first aid. Although some information may seem obvious, it’s a good place to start for local freelancers.

Rory Peck Trust’s Arabic Languages Templates

The Rory Peck Trust’s Arabic Language Resources include a number of downloadable resources to assess the safety risks of your next assignment, draft a communication plan and create a proof of life document.

Samir Kassir Eyes Journalist Survival Guide

This guide, produced by Lebanon-based Samir Kassir Eyes, offers information specifically for journalists working in the region. It features practical advice on a range of safety topics, including first aid and digital security. Each lesson takes the form of an animated video, alongside an accompanying pdf.

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