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Organisations offering trauma support for Syrian Journalists

 Organisations offering trauma support for Syrian Journalists

Here is a list of organisations operating within the region who offer mental health assistance.

Helsinki Citizens' Assembly

Dr Refik Saydam Cad. Dilber Apt. No;:39
Kat: 4 Daire: 11
Şişhane - Beyoğlu - İstanbul
Tel: 0 212 292  48 30

Country(s) of operation: Turkey

The Helsinki Citizen's Assembly is collaborating with MSF to run a clinic with an average of 170 monthly consultations and a mental health project for Syrian refugees in the city of Kilis.

Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy & Applied Care

Achrafieh, St. George Hospital Street
P.O.Box: 166227
Lebanon 1100-2110
Tel: +961 1 583583

Country(s) of operation: Lebanon

IDRAAC is a non-profit NGO dedicated to mental health in Lebanon and the Arab world. Its mission is to conduct and promote research on mental health as well as to raise public awareness of the issue. In addition, IDRAAC offers trainings and implements community programs and services in prevention and intervention for at-risk groups.

The International Medical Corp

1919 Santa Monica Blvd
Suite 400
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Tel: 310-826-7800

Country(s) of operation: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq

The IMC are a global humanitarian non profit that provides health care around the world. They are currently engaged in a large-scale, regional initiative that will bring mental health and psychological support to displaced Syrians in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

Jordan Health Aid Society

Yaroub Ajlouni
UnMutawe Alaslameah Street,
Building Number 69,
Tel: 795640906

Country(s) of operation: Jordan

The Jordan Health Aid Society works with the International Medical Corps to provide information on mental health services for Syrians in Jordan.

Lutheran World Federation - World Service

Contact: Nader Duqmaq, Emergency Program Manger
Tel: +962 6 5561546 Mobile: +962 797 351 672

Country(s) of operation: Jordan

LWF Jordan aims to support Syrian refugees in Camp Zaatari in Jordan. Their work is focused on providing shelter and non-food items, mental health and psychosocial support, community participation and supporting camp management.

Médecins Sans Frontières

78 rue de Lausanne
Case Postale 116
1211 Geneva 21
Tel: 0041 22 849 8484

Country(s) of operation: Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey

Médicins San Frontier are currently providing mental health support and care to Syrian refugees in camps across Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey.

U.O.S.S.M in Reyhanli

contact: Wa'el al Raas, General Psychiatrist
skype: wael.alraas 

Dr. Wa'el al Raas is working with the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organisations to provide mental health support and counselling for Syrian refugees undergoing the effects of trauma, and is based in Reyhanli, Turkey. The consultancy is experienced in dealing with the psychological challenges often faced by journalists.

M.I.N.D. Clinics

Ashrafieh - Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology at the St. George Hospital University Center
Balamand University
Tel: +961-1-449499/ +961-1-748000/ +961-3-730475/ +961-3-642281

MIND have clinics based in Lebanon and the UAE. They are equipped to assess, evaluate and treat a range of psychiatric and psychological disorders. If you are unable to reach their clinics, they also provide online counselling via Skype.

Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS)  Foundation

SAMS Foundation 3660 Stutz D.
Suite 100 Canfield,
Ohio 44406
Tel: (866) 809-9039

Country(s) of operation: Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey

The SAMS Foundation works across the region to provide medical relief and healthcare development on behalf of Syrian American professionals.

War Trauma Foundation

Nienoord 5
1112 XE Diemen
Tel: +31 20 6438538
Fax: +31 20 64758

The War Trauma Foundation helps people and communities affected by war and violence. They have a program specific to local journalists.

Individual services

There are also a number of individual medical workers who provide mental health services to Syrians in the region. If you would like to speak to us about them, then please email us at

Image: Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan - DFID, used here under a Creative Commons licence.

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