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In Beirut for World Press Freedom Day

In Beirut for World Press Freedom Day

RPT's Sarah Giaziri will be in Beirut on Sunday, 3 May, as part of a panel discussing the challenges facing freelance journalists in the Middle East and North Africa. Here she tells us more about the event.

On Sunday 3rd May, this year's World Press Freedom Day, I'll be in Lebanon, speaking on a panel at the 2015 Beirut Spring Festival, which every year commemorates the life of Lebanese journalist and writer, Samir Kassir, who was killed by a car bomb in 2005. 
The festival is organised by the Samir Kassir Foundation, whose SKeyes Center for Journalism is one of our main partners in the Middle East.
We've been working closely with SKeyes during the last few years on joint initiatives of support for MENA freelance journalists - for instance, our recent Medical Trauma Training workshop for freelance journalists in Beirut.  But freelancers in the Middle East are facing increasingly dangerous and complex challenges. Staggeringly, more than 90% of crimes against journalists in the region remain unpunished.
I'll be discussing these threats as part of the festival's opening panel, Defending press freedom today: new tools, new challenges.  We'll also be looking at what local journalists - many of whom can't afford any sort of safety training or safety equipment - can do to protect themselves and talking about how MENA journalists are viewed and treated by the media and public in comparison to their western colleagues.
The panel takes place on Sunday 3rd May at 18.30 local time (16.30 GMT).
Title: Defending Press Freedom Today: New Tools, New Challenges
On the panel:          
  • Jodi Ginsberg, CEO of the Index on Censorship
  • Ayman Mhanna, Executive Director at the Samir Kassir Foundation
  • Cheryl Gould, Senior Vice President of NBC and a CPJ board member
  • Sarah Giaziri, MENA Programme Officer at Rory Peck Trust
Moderator: Hanin Ghaddar, Managing Editor of NOW Media and Non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council.

Sarah Giaziri is the Trust's Programme Officer for the Middle East and North Africa. 

Image: journalist and boy take cover in Egypt ©Alisdare Hickson, used here under a Creative Commons licence.

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