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"Amateurs think pictures, professionals think sound"

We spoke to cameraman Christian Parkinson about his experiences of video news journalism, his tips for freelancers starting out in the industry and his new book, Camera Confidential.

Christian Parkinson is a cameraman, editor and video journalist currently working for the BBC. He recently wrote a book, Camera Confidential: an Insider’s Guide to Video News Journalism, to give advice and tips to journalists starting their careers as cameramen and camerawomen, and is donating all proceeds of the book to the Trust. You can watch the conversation back in Google+, or through the video below. Some of the topics we talked about included:

  • Christian’s motivation for writing the book.
  • How Christian started out in the industry, and the differences now for those trying to get their foot in the door.
  • The importance of balancing technical and artistic vision in news journalism.
  • The differences between documentary and news video journalism.
  • His thoughts on reporter pieces-to-camera vs. video journalism behind the camera.
  • The impact of the rise of new online video journalism websites.
  • What he packs with him when travelling to a shoot.
  • The most challenging environments Christian has worked in.
  • His preferred editing techniques.
  • His main inspirations and influences.

Thanks to Christian and for everyone who watched and sent in their questions. If you want to find out more about the topics covered in the Hangout, then you might want to pick up a copy of Camera Confidential. You can also get info on more general topics surrounding video news journalism on Christian’s website, Image Junkies.

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