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We Remember Colin Peck

We Remember Colin Peck

It is with genuine and very great sadness that we report the death of our friend and supporter Colin Peck.

A journalist and lawyer, based at various times in Moscow, Paris and Cologne, Colin freelanced for most major networks as a producer, cameraman and print journalist, working extensively on conflicts in Russia, Nagorno Karabakh, Abkhazia, Chechenya, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. He spent five years in Russia, working with his brother Rory Peck, before his death in 1993, and was interim Director of Afghan Aid. His close friend Sonia Mikich said that Colin was "A keen journalist with a lawyer's mind and an adventurer's heart. He went to the dark places because he wanted the world to understand what is going on. Fearless and cheerful. What a joy working with him, being around him."

Colin’s involvement with the Rory Peck Trust began soon after the Trust was founded and continued to this day. Always a delight to spend time with, he was a warm and engaging companion, a source of facts, fable and fun who understood the freelance world, cared deeply about the Trust, and gave meaning to its link with his brother Rory. Colin was a sweet man. We shall miss him very much indeed

In recent years, Colin made a happy life in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, working extensively on the restoration and maintenance of the family home, Prehen House. He leaves his daughter Virginia, his long-term partner Alison Hancock and their two young children, Rawle and Beatrix.

Our thoughts are with them, and with all Colin’s family. We share their sorrow.

— Tina

Tina Carr is the director of Rory Peck Trust.

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